Conflict can Build Character?

"Without conflict you are not building character in your children's lives." - Sally Clarkson

When conflict arises and we fail to display grace (and we will because we are all human beings getting better at being ... human), we fail again when we don't humble ourselves and ask those important questions. Why did I react like that? Where is my teen coming from, is their attitude right? How can I help them? How can we avoid more conflict of this kind in the future?

It seems the conflict between my teen and I are making an appearance a lot more than it should. I want to blame it all on my hormone imbalance and anxiety. But I know, deep down I just need to exercise meekness & remember the truths I discovered in my study on parenting styles. At the end of the day... or week (depending on how angry I am), I seek healing by acknowledging the value of my teen and our relationship. If you're struggling with your child, may I encourage you to fail successfully by counting the conflict as a character building lesson. This is only made possible when you the adult can (at the time or later) communicate your heart without becoming offended.


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