February Memories

Quote of the month, "Create rhythms in your life that brings beauty and health back into your heart so you can better live the story God has called you to..." - Sally Clarkson

It has been an exciting month full of purging, organizing and creating new habits while breaking bad ones. For a long time I've been functioning in survival mode, discipline and system almost non-existent and bad habits quickly crept in. One of the worst was eating dinner in front of the television with my kids, instead of the dining table. Another one was deep frying chips once-sometimes twice a week! Anyway, I have always been a strong believer in having at least one family meal together a day and at the table, it brings a family closer where discussion and laughter take place. I feel like we are entering into a new season now, and it feels like someone has enabled me into finally building towards the vision I've had now for a very long time for my family. God is giving us a new rhythm to flow with and it really is exciting! My word for February is Rhythm.


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