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Updated: May 7, 2019

My daughter thought it was a bad idea when I explained with excitement what I wanted to do. I wanted to do something extreme, I wanted a wall of collaged book pages! At times I did doubt myself, especially when daughter would look at the wall with confusion as I placed each panel of patched paper. But I had to trust my vision and keep going! I want to say that it's complete but I know my wall will grow with more art, shelving and I feel like adding plants will also take it to another level. I'll have to do a tour of my office/studio once it's all done.

A little bit about the process.

  • I chose to blu tack panels of A3 sheets of paper. One, so I didn't damage the walls (I'm renting) and two, if I ever move houses I can easily take these down and place them on the new wall.

  • I selected pages from vintage books, the majority needed just text and some with pretty pictures.

  • I used PVA to lightly paste the book pages down on my A3 paper and it was undiluted glue to avoid bubbles and creases.

  • I created contrast by placing big pages against small pages and rotated some to the side. I wasn't concerned if they overlapped slightly off the A3 paper.

  • Once I made made enough panels and they had dried, I placed pea sized balls of blu tack on each corner of the panels and then a couple in between top and bottom - just in case.

  • I started placing my panels to the middle of my wall, then worked my way out to the edges. I did notice some small gaps where I could see through to the wall, which created a little bit of anxiety in me, but I just covered it with a small book page - nice quick fix!

  • As I got to the edges I made sure my panels sat flush with the corners by cutting the tops of each panel

More pictures of the completed wall.

Thank you for stopping by and reading about my process, I hope you are feeling inspired.


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